• Document Control
    Document Control

    With more than 20 years of experience in the field I am dedicated to promote Document Control in the widest way possible.

  • Web Services
    Web Services

    Need help with your website? Saw a nice template, but installing it is a disaster? Need someone to create one for you?

Document Control www.kosdcws.com/dc Did you ever lose a document, your customer wanted right now? Don't know how to implement document control? Are you just interested in document control?
If one of the above is answered with yes, you are in the right place.  
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Services Include
  • Advising
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Document Control
  • General Support
  • Procedure writing
& Web Services www.kosdcws.com/ws Having built personal websites since 1998, KOSDCWS is now dedictated to offer top notch web services and webdesign to the rest of the world.
Webdesign and DC training modules are part of the Web Services part. Let's work together! read more
Services Include
  • Webdesign
  • Graphic design
  • Development
  • Online DC
  • Office support
  • Copy Writing

Latest Projects

  • Kosdcws template 01

    KOSDCWS template 01, it is possible to have this too, as a static website or a Joomla template.


    Started as independent contractor. Specialist in offline and online document control and web design.

  • Siemens Netherlands NV

    Hired as document control specialist and responsible for testing DMS Comos (Norwegian).

  • Seaway Heavy Lifting

    Hired as document control test to test DMS ProArc and impliment document control procedures.

  • Rolldock Shipping

    Responsible as senior document controller for the set-up and implementation of document control.

  • Rotterdam World Gateway
    Rotterdam World Gateway

    Temporarely pregnancy replacement. RWG was building the greatest container gateway in the world on Maasvlakte 2.

  • Jacobs Engineering
    Jacobs Engineering

    Working as document controller in Leiden on Micro and TurnAround projects for BP Oil.



WWW.KOSDCWS.NL is dedicated to promote Document Control in all off-, and online forms.

The Physical presence is only one way to handle Document Control. In an ever changing market, document control's future will be in the cloud. I am anticipating this by developing online document control for the small business that doesn't have the need for a steady job document controller.

My main goal is to offer custom and standard online document control, training modules, coaching and help with implementing DC within companies, document controllers and anyone who wants to learn it.

In addition to document control I also offer Web Services, I am dedicated to offer top notch web design.

I am up for challenges that will take me out of the ordinary. Are you up for it and let me make an offer you something you can't resist?